About us

We are a company that provides professional services representing companies from around the world in Mexico. We promote their products in the Mexican market and increase their sales by offering local customer service.

Our mission is to facilitate interaction between Mexican clients and foreign suppliers, eliminating cultural and geographic barriers. We create the communication path that facilitates relationship and that generates new growth opportunities.

We started operations in Mexico in 2001. Since then, the portfolio of the companies we represent in Mexico has increased from one to eleven. The represented companies have increased their sales considerably and strengthened their presence in the Mexican market.

We have offices located in six of the most important industrial regions in the country: Puebla, Querétaro, Monterrey, Mexico City, Sonora and Chihuahua.


We connect your company with Mexico


To contribute in the construction of commercial links between manufacturers and customers, finding and consolidating business opportunities in Mexico, adding value through an excellent local service with a high sense of urgency.


Consolidate as a strategic and irreplaceable commercial agent for our Principals, through the development of Human Capital and the use of Information Technologies.

Our values:

Personal Level: Self-management, proactivity, professionalism and leadership.
Work with independence, discipline and proactivity so that our actions are examples that promote integrity and responsible work, fulfilling our obligations with high levels of excellence and exceeding the basic requirements.

Team Level: Effective communication and teamwork.
Transmit information in all directions among Principals, Customers and Employees, with the idea of ​​reaching a common goal.

Community Level: Integrity, respect and tolerance.
Respect different ways of thinking and treat others and surroundings with integrity. Be grateful and make decisions based on truth and justice.


Sales Retention

Maintain and exceed customer expectations, to retain and protect the amount of sales they currently manage.

Sales Growth

Engage with current and potential customers by actively participating in quotes, to increase sales and profits.


Contribute with the saving of expenses that would be generated when starting operations in Mexico, as well as in frequent business trips.

To meet these needs Linco provides:

Mantener presencia onstante y canales de comunicación abuertos

Presence and constant communication

Proveer retroalimentación a nuestros socios para la mejora del producto y entrega.

Feedback and continuous improvement

Facilitar las herramientas necesarias para operar eficientemente.

Control and automation with CRM

Promover el Crecimiento de Ventas.

Sales growth